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You need equipment, we are here to help you.
L’Estel is proud to sponsor clubs, teams and organizations around the world with a personalized coupon code for their skaters to wear high-performance gear for less.
Simply have an authorized member of your club, association or team email us and request a team sponsorship to get started. A representative will then contact you with a list of required information and details on how to get started. Just like that, your association can start saving BIG any time of year!
Due to the number of clubs and societies that exist in the skating world, we have adopted a tiered system that allows societies of any size to participate.
As your association grows, your annual profits will grow with you!
Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect!
All sponsorships include Custom Coupon Code Banner advertising L'Estel Personalized gear recommendations and direct access to our skating experts.
Exclusive access to any available donation throughout the year.
Donations are subject to availability, please contact us with your event information for current opportunities.
+ 1st basic level Annual Minimum Orders*: None! Discount: 10%

+ 2nd level Annual minimum orders*: 10 Discount: 15%

+ 3rd level Annual minimum orders*: 25 Discount: 15% L'Estel gift card: Є 25

+ 4th level Annual minimum orders*: 50 Discount: 20% L'Estel gift card: Є 50

+ 5th level Annual minimum orders*: 100 Discount: 20% L'Estel gift card: Є 100

Discounts are always off the official retail price, you'll save more if you buy low-priced products.
*Minimum annual orders are based on coupon use between January 1 and December 31 of the year. Coupon usage will be evaluated at the end of June, if your association qualifies for a higher tier at that time, your coupon code will be updated to the appropriate discount amount.
At the end of the year, your coupon usage will be reevaluated and adjusted up or down for the following year, based on the level you've reached. For example, if your association starts a sponsorship this year, you get at least a 10% discount for the entire year. If your coupon is used 50 times by the end of June, your league gets a 20% discount for the rest of the year. If your league ends the year with 100 uses, you qualify for a 20% discount for the entire year and will also receive a Є100 gift card. Each association will qualify for one gift card reward per year.
Note: Official product prices may change without notice.