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This is not a complicated device and it is simple enough to have many options for exercising, including help practicing some of the elements of figure skating.

After reviewing this device, the trainer can determine for himself whether this simulator will be useful for training.

Simulator application:

By pulling a rubber cord when practicing sliding, running, individual basic steps, the skater's hands take a clear and correct position and also receive a certain physical load. It is also important that, thanks to these points, the athlete's body training also trains.

You can turn to criticism and say that it is easier to use a simple gymnastic cane as usual, and this is often practiced by many, especially with beginners, but don't forget that this option is traumatic (a cane can fall and fall under another child's skates, may fall with a cane, a cane). can hurt another). In our case, the simulator is connected to the chest and does not represent a danger.

The simulator is good for grouping hands both in rotation elements and for grouping hands in jumps.

The rubber cables can be attached at the same time, both on the chest and on the back, this is all the coach's decision that the coach plans to solve.

The simulator is very good for the initial training groups, the children of the first steps understand that the rubber cord must be pulled by hand so that the handles do not hang at the level of the belt).

The belt is made of a practical and dense fabric with belt adjustment elements, individually for each skater, regardless of the growth and volume of the chest part.
There are 2 metal rings on the belt to fix the rubber cord.
The rubber cable at both ends has loops and locks to adjust the tension on the cable length.

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