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The internal structure of the boot is adjusted based on ergonomics. These boots use imported thermoplastic materials to ensure the hardness of the boots, and these materials also help the boots to be better thermoformed. Therefore, you can have the firm support needed to perform high level skills, and the boot will fit your feet very well.
Leader is similar in performance to Edea Ice Fly up to Piano.

Our Leader model is suitable for middle to high level content including double and triple jumps.
There are 4 color options available for the leather upper: white, pink, blue or black.
The ultra-light outsoles and heels make the boots lighter, so that Skills and Footwork can be more easily achieved.
No need to choose a size. These boots will be sized to fit your foot measurements before to manufacture by emailing sizes of your feets.

This information will be collected via email after you have placed an order and have an order number for your boots.

You must send either how much growth do you like, 5 mm (one size more), 10 mm (two sizes more).

You must allow 10 working days for sizing plus 15 days for shipping and handling.

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