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  • Ice Figure Skating

    Exclusive items for the practice of ice figure skating.

  • Roller Artistic Skating

    The artistic roller skating specialty is our best all the people working in local Canigo, 3, Barcelona are former skaters or coaches international first class. I, Carlos Mur, director and manager of L'Estel international've been skating, I'm technically superior level III coach and I've been skating the technical management of clubs and high-level skaters, figures, free skating and artistic partners.

  • Specialized training...
  • InLine Figure Skating

    Special section for skate skating line to high competition. The items sold here are the most commonly used in international competitions Figure Skating Online.

  • Machinery and Tooling
  • Dresses for Figure...

    Dresses, skirts and tops Italian brand Dueri shown here are exclusively designed items, the ordering system will be through sending photos by email, knowing in advance the age, the height of the athlete, favorite color, the music and dress size. The dresses are from clubs dress designs for high competition and usually carry jewelry. Dresses will be sent to the head of special skirt club without knowing the size of each athlete.

  • Strass, Bisutería y...

    Various proposals for the current design jewelry in gold and silver. Jewelry made ​​by Skate Copyrihgt Art and Jewelry in the U.S..

  • Special services for...

    Some of these services are included when buying skates compulsory figures, dance and free Elite level. Contact us at telephone number (+34) 93 4274436 .

  • Rink Hockey

    Items for the practice of Hockey on Wheels we sell to the public are those that either we produce with our brand, or are items which are exclusive distributors.

  • Speed ​​skating
  • Quad Roller Street...

    Radical options for street skating, quad, 4x4, jam, jump, grind, disco, etc ... Complete skates mounted several radical proposals. You can also tune them yourself.

  • Carrier Bags for skates

    Trolleys, bags and tecniques suitcases specific for skating or hockey.

  • Roller Derby
  • Inline Street Skates

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